Continuing Education = Continual Improvement

Medical gas continuing education is vitally important to your success within the healthcare industry.  Medical gas installers, inspectors, verifiers, maintenance personnel and instructors must all gain recertification to each new edition of NFPA 99.  These new editions are released every three years and students must complete a minimum 4 hour training course that covers the latest release of NPFA 99.

Our written exam has a minimum of 40 questions and the minimum passing scores for recertification vary based on which standard you are testing to:

ASSE 6005 – 70%
ASSE 6010 – 70%
ASSE 6020 – 70%
ASSE 6030 – 85%
ASSE 6035 – 85%
ASSE 6040 – 70%
ASSE 6050 – 85%

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