Renewals & Transfers

All ASSE 6000 credentialed personnel will renew in January and/or July each year.

For ASSE 6010 medical gas installers, there will be semiannual braze renewals – once in January and once in July. The first renewal after initial certification will be no charge, and there will be a $25 fee per braze renewal thereafter. If both the ASSE 6010 and ASME IX certifications are current, the installer will receive a new ID card every 6 months with updated expiration dates.
All other ASSE 6000 certifications are renewed every 3 years to coincide with new editions of NFPA 99. This renewal requires a 4-hour course and a subsequent exam, per ASSE 6000.

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Online Renewals

Online renewal portal coming soon.
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MGA does accept transferred credentials from most recognized credentialing agencies. Please see the appropriate transfer forms below and email this with a copy of your most current ID card to for more information.

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